Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dessau or Depressau

I have now been living in Germany for a little over a month. First impressions of Germany, well my initial thoughts were really about what I could expect from the German people. I think we had all anticipated something, maybe that Germans were extremely focused and quick to make decisions, and really serious. Well, it really didn't take long to realize that this perception was pretty far from the truth. Quite a few of the Germans we met and have come to know are really a lot like us. They are very indecisive at times and are really laid back most of the time. This came as quite a shock to me since I had these other ideas in my head already. I think the biggest surprise of all would have to be that even though the wall fell 20 years ago, there still exists some invisible wall between what used to be East and West Germany. This is reflected in their architecture, their culture and the way they look at foreigners. I had assumed that the West, today, would be more tolerant towards immigrants and outsiders. Just because of the fact that it was not under the control of socialism. Come to find out after meeting some amazing people, it's quite the opposite. Though some of the people here are quite stern looking and might fit that "typical" German image, the majority are really caring, giving and open minded.

What can I say thus far.... Ich Liebe Deutschland