Monday, April 13, 2009

Off to Europe. The flight to London was probably the best flight I have ever had in my life, and I have flown quite a bit. Now, most of my overseas flights have been military charter which may have had some influence, but nonetheless I was extremely happy.

Switzerland. After arriving in London we Cameron and I met up with Savannah and Josh in Luton to fly to Zurich, Switzerland. Once we were on the ground, we were slapped in the face by the impending language barrier after it took us nearly 15 minutes to explain to a taxi driver where our Hostel was located. Switzerland rapidly became one of, if not the most expensive place I have ever been. After spending 80 Swiss Franks on the cab ride which was equivalent to nearly 60 Dollars, we finally arrived at the Youth Hostel Zurich. The Hostel was extremely clean and the people were very nice. To make a long story short we were supposed to have transportation in the form of a rental car for us to se while in Switzerland but on the night of our arrival we were notified that the plans had changed and that we were to leave Zurich the very next day to head to the city of Chur to meet Prof. Daniel Wasser. During this “disaster” we were cheated out of 50 Swiss Franks for reserving an extra night. Really not a great start to our Swiss experience.

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