Monday, April 13, 2009


Our next stop was the small town of Vna. A town of roughly 70 people high in the Alps. Who would have thought such beautiful architecture could exist in such a remote place. The Swiss architect Christoph Lrosch designed a home/art gallery for an artist from Zurich. The all-concrete structure was inspiring. The detail work and craftsmanship was out of this world. I had never before been so excited. If this was just the first of what was to come, I knew I was in store for a trip of a lifetime and something that would stay with me forever.
After nearly a 5 hour drive through the Alps we had finally made it to our home for the next 9 days. The small town of Vigniogn was quite and just that, small. Located at the top of the town was a small Catholic Prepatory school. Due to the lack of students in attendance, we were able to use this school, which had rooms, beds, showers and a kitchen for all of us. It was quite perfect because of its central location to what we were to see in the upcoming days.

[During our stay in Switzerland there were quite a few issues regarding the students and faculty from RISD. Differences in culture, opinion, professionalism and focus seemed to cause a rift most of the time. Let’s just say, I am extremely happy to be attending Kansas State and know that I will be prepared to do what I have to do when I graduate.] I’ll leave it at that.

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